2018-2019: Help with Housing Costs - Volume 1 Guide to Universal Credit and Council Tax Rebates

2018-2019: Help with Housing Costs - Volume 1 Guide to Universal Credit and Council Tax Rebates

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Pre-order the fifth edition of the sister title to the bestselling Guide to Housing Benefit to receive it immediately on publication at the end of June. This volume sets out the qualifying conditions for entitlement to universal credit and provides a more detailed explanation of the rules that relate to the housing costs element for homeowners and tenants of private and social landlords.
It includes chapters on:
  • the new scheme of loans for mortgage interest for out-of-work homeowners
  • basic eligibility conditions for universal credit, council tax and rate rebates
  • exclusion from the universal credit housing cost element for 18-21 year olds and exceptions
  • eligible rent and service charges for social housing tenants
  • eligible rent for private tenants
  • the size criteria rules for social housing and private sector tenants
  • the benefit cap
  • the two child limit in the child elements of universal credit
  • how and when payments are made - including when the housing costs element of universal credit can be paid directly to the landlord
  • how to appeal a decision about universal credit or a council tax rebate
  • differences in the council tax rebate schemes in England, Scotland and Wales
  • how local councils in England and Wales can set their own council tax rebate scheme rules
  • the new rate rebate scheme for universal credit claimants in Northern Ireland
  • other schemes for help with housing costs including discretionary housing payments
  • the detailed rules for migrants and recent arrivals for universal credit, council tax rebate and housing benefit.

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Author Sam Lister and Martin Ward
ISBN 978 0 9934984 6 6
Published June 2018