Data Protection and Housing

During this course delegates will develop an understanding of the eight data principles and the main exemptions. We will examine the application of the Data Protection Act and interpret some of the key principles and how it may impact/ influence your workplace.

Course contains

  • Describing data usage, processing and data sharing
  • Identifying confidentiality issues affecting housing organisations including (but not exclusive to) tenants, leaseholders, shared ownerships etc.
  • The importance of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children
  • Evaluating data sharing with Law Enforcements (ASBO, etc.)
  • Setting out different levels of access to Records Management
  • Identifying robust Security Controls and Systems
  • The role of a Data Protection Officer
  • Identifying the need for processes to deal with Access Requests from data subjects.

Learning outcomes

After this attending course, you will be able to:

  • Apply current issues in Data Protection to the workplace
  • Read and make sense of your organisation’s data materials and evaluate the impact of using different/ revised information governance policies (e.g. security, data sharing protocols)
  • Demonstrate understanding and make critical assessments of Data Protection issues in housing organisations and similar institutions
  • Identify good practice in Data Protection in a housing organisation setting
  • Describe and evaluate quality initiatives in the delivery of robust controls and governance in the delivery of housing services.

Suitable for

The course is designed for those with a basic or intermediate level of understanding of the Data Protection Act and related information rules. It can also be tailored towards staff requiring an update regarding recent changes within the new data protection regime.

CPD hours 0