Making Budgeting Work in the Real World

Making Budgeting Work in the Real World

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Budgeting seems simple in the textbooks. So why does it often fail in practice? This four-hour elearning course explains the barriers to effective budgeting and helps you manage budgets.

PLEASE NOTE: AS OF 3 OCTOBER THIS COURSE IS NO LONGER ON SALE. THANK YOU. It is topical, practical and highly relevant to today’s changing market.

This course enables you to:

  • Choose the most appropriate budgeting method
  • Devise ways to overcome weaknesses in your current budgeting system
  • Consider ways of better communicating and presenting budgets to non-financial staff
  • Meet the varying budget preparation needs of different departments.

Course includes:

  • Overview of budgets and finance
    • - The budgeting cycle
    • - Top down or bottom up?
    • - The link between planning and budgeting
    • - Organisational time and resource
  • Alternative budgeting systems
    • - Rolling versus fixed period budgeting
    • - Incremental versus ZBB
    • - Functional versus ABB
    • - Life cycle budgeting
  • Issues in setting budgets
    • - Approaches to forecasting budgets
    • - Using spreadsheets for budgeting
    • - Organisational culture
    • - Non-finance budget holders
    • - Budgets as an evaluation and reward tool
  • Monitoring and presenting budgets
    • - A suitable management tool?
    • - A true measure of performance?
    • - Vulnerable variances
    • - Presentation pitfalls
  • The future of budgeting
    • - Is traditional budgeting dead?
    • - Living with budgets
    • - Adaptive management
    • - Decentralised decision making

Suitable for

Professionals who are looking for a practical course that enables them to apply budgeting theory and knowledge in their own organisation.