Managing Aggression and Violence

This course lays the groundwork of the causes of aggressive and difficult behaviours in order to utilise the strategies that will assist in de-escalating the aggression. This training covers but also goes beyond the more well-known techniques for dealing with aggressive behaviour by examining more unique strategies that can have powerful outcomes for de-escalating difficult behaviour and getting the conversation back on track towards a satisfactory outcome.

Suitable for anyone who faces the possibility of aggression and violence from service users. Both one and two day programmes are available.

This course is only available for delivery to groups of staff in-house currently, though we do have scheduled dates for our 'Aggressive and Difficult Behaviours' course at our London venue.

Course contains

  • What contributes to the build-up of a difficult incident
  • Examing triggers of aggression
  • Preventative and calming techniques
  • Risk assessment of violence and aggression in the workplace
  • Health and safety responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Communication and calming strategies.

Suitable for

Anyone who faces the possibility of aggression and violence from members of the public and/or service users. 

Meet the trainer

For the last two decades, Tracy Maylath has been a trainer and facilitiator, joining Shelter in 2002. During this time she has delivered an extensive variety of courses to clients ranging from homeless people and vulnerable adults to managers and directors of private sector firms. Building on this diverse pedigree, Tracy has also written and developed programmes in management skills and personal development for both the public and private sector. With her grounding of knowledge in learning theory, Tracy utilises an array of innovative methods and state of the art techniques. She engages clients with her lighthearted approach, passion, in-depth knowledge and vast experience of her topics.
CPD hours 0