Managing Workload

Managing Workload

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This four-hour elearning course helps you to develop techniques for managing workload by identifying your priorities, setting effective goals and making the best use of your time.

PLEASE NOTE: AS OF 3 OCTOBER THIS COURSE IS NO LONGER ON SALE. THANK YOU. It aims to reduce frustration and stress by ensuring your workload is realistic and your contribution adds value to your organisation.

This course enables you to:

  • Make the best use of KPIs
  • Stop time-wasting and focus on the tasks that deliver greatest value
  • Set clear, workable goals and achieve them
  • Experience a sense of achievement when you reach your goals
  • Be more efficient at work and find more time for yourself
  • Learn how to say no to unimportant tasks
  • Recognise a truly unmanageable workload and ask for help in a constructive way.

Course includes:

  • Setting goals
    • - Why should you set goals?
    • - How do you set good goals?
    • - How do you achieve your goals?
    • - Do goals ever become irrelevant?
  • Time management
    • - Why do I need to manage my time?
    • - What are the principles of time management?
    • - How should I plan and schedule my work?
    • - What techniques can help me focus?
  • Identifying priorities
    • - Why should you prioritise?
    • - How do you decide on priorities?
  • Excessive workloads
    • - How do you avoid an excessive workload?
    • - How do you recognise an excessive workload?
    • - How do you cope with too much to do?

Suitable for

Professionals at all levels who want to improve their time and workload management.