Effective Communication

Effective Communication

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The way you communicate can affect every aspect of your work. To make an impact on your business, and to achieve business goals, communicating effectively is key.

This four-hour elearning course helps you master the aspects of communication that will make you successful in your organisation: how to listen, how to present and how to write reports.

This course enables you to:

  • Interact more effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers by developing your listening skills
  • Deliver professional and effective presentations that engage your audience and ultimately help you achieve your objectives
  • Plan, structure and write compelling business reports that put your point across and support your case
  • Improve your ability to understand other people’s needs and develop the effectiveness with which you present your ideas.

Course includes:

  • Effective listening skills
    • - What is listening?
    • - What are the stages of listening?
    • - What makes a good listener?
    • - What are the barriers to listening?
  • Presentation skills
    • - What is a presentation?
    • - What is preparation and planning?
    • - What is the best structure to use?
    • - How do I deliver effectively?
    • - How should I use visual aids and notes?
  • Business report writing
    • - What is a report?
    • - What is preparation?
    • - How should my report be structured?
    • - What should my report look like?
    • - How should I review my written work?

Suitable for

People at all levels in any working environment who want to communicate more consistently and effectively.