Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation is a key part of every professional's life. How long will it take? Who's going to do it? How much will it cost? This four-hour elearning course helps you plan for negotiations.
PLEASE NOTE: AS OF 3 OCTOBER THIS COURSE IS NO LONGER ON SALE. THANK YOU. Identify your own negotiation style to help you improve, handle difficult situations when they arise and get the results you want.

This course enables you to:

  • Explore situations and find solutions that are acceptable to both parties
  • Plan all your negotiations effectively
  • Use constraints and variables to reach an acceptable conclusion for both parties
  • Deal with the difficult situations and people you will encounter when negotiating
  • Understand and avoid some of the common traps you might come across in your negotiations
  • Understand how to prepare in a way that will ensure the best result for you
  • Learn when not to negotiate and say 'no'!

Course includes:

  • Understanding negotiation
    • - What is the aim of negotiation?
    • - What is effective negotiation?
    • - What are the principles of negotiating?
    • - Who is involved in negotiation?
  • Techniques and strategies
    • - How should I handle negotiation successfully?
    • - How should I use constants and variables?
    • - How do I use trading concessions?
    • - What negotiation styles are there?
    • - What other strategies are involved?
  • Difficult situations
    • - How do I handle objections?
    • - How do I deal with an awkward negotiator?
    • - How can I recognise and resolve conflict?
    • - What are some of the common traps in negotiating?
    • - When should I not negotiate?
  • Planning to negotiate
    • - How do I get ready to negotiate?
    • - How do I prepare for a successful negotiation?
    • - How should I behave during a negotiation?
    • - What should I do once I have come to an agreement?

Suitable for

Anyone who negotiates with suppliers, partners or clients.