Better Support for Frontline Staff: a Training Needs Analysis Approach

The pace of change including demand for advice and funding cuts in the housing and homelessness sector is increasing and its even more important for organisations to understand the need for focused development and training programmes.

This Training Needs Analysis workshop will provide you with tools and techniques to ensure you are delivering maximum benefit to staff and return-on-investment to your organisation. It will achieve this by introducing you to the different levels of TNA, the different techniques you can employ to identify specific learning needs and by highlighting a wide range of learning solutions that can address these needs.

The competence of staff is critical in gaining and keeping professional and service delivery advantage. If the development needs of organisations, teams and individuals fall behind, this carries real risks. The lack of an effective training approach not only wastes resources on training that may be unnecessary and will not make a difference, but also creates gaps in both the skills and competencies of employees who are key to frontline services.

Workshop contains:

  • An introduction to the Training Cycle
  • The different forms of Training Needs Analysis; Organisational, Departmental, Job and Individual
  • Types of techniques to use within a Training Needs Analysis
  • Frameworks for analysing your organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Analysis of team development and dynamics
  • How to use resources efficiently and ensure value for money
  • Increase employee engagement in organisational learning programmes.
    • Learning outcomes

      After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the different forms of Training Needs Analysis
  • Demonstrate the various techniques employed when conducting Training Needs Analysis
  • Identify appropriate learning solutions that offer good value for money and address gaps in skills, knowledge and behaviour for your organisation.

Suitable for

Housing Managers, Team Leaders and Operations Managers. Also HR and training professionals and business partners.

CPD hours 0