Section 184 letters for Local Authority Staff (writing homelessness decision letters)

This one-day seminar is intended for staff involved in homelessness decision making, focusing on practical aspects of how to make homeless decisions and write effective Section 184 decision letters.

Seminar covers

  • What are decision letters for?
  • How homeless decisions can be challenged
  • When does a decision letter have to be issued?
  • What needs to be included in a decision letter?
  • Identifying the correct legal test to be applied
  • Scenarios - what inquiries are needed
  • Exercise - identifying errors in example letters and identifying how they could be improved.

Learning outcomes

    After attending this seminar delegates will have a greater understanding of:
  • When a decision letter is required on a homeless application
  • The purpose of S184 decision letters and the requirement to give reasons for an adverse decision
  • How to make effective homeless decisions, and to explain the decision in a S184 letter
  • The nature and extent of inquiries into homeless applications
  • Applying, and consequently explaining the correct legal test when making homelessness decisions
  • What needs to be included in the decision letter.

The training will specifically address the more difficult decisions such as when accommodation is reasonable to continue to occupy, vulnerability and intentional homelessness. The emphasis will be on ensuring that officers fully understand how decisions should be made and then communicated to the applicant, and the importance of record keeping to support the decision. N.B. When being run as in-house event (for groups of 5 or more staff from one organisation) the training can be tailored to refer specifically to policies and procedures adopted by the local authority.

Suitable for

Local authority workers making homelessness decisions and writing decision letters.

CPD hours 0