SMART Support Planning

Support is an ever changing and varied profession encompassing a diverse range of approaches to needs assessment and support planning. The introduction of Universal Credit and changes to social housing present new challenges and require a fresh approach to planning with clients to meet defined outcomes. The course is fun, interactive and challenging and aims to deliver real world practice change.

Course contains

  • Exploring and understanding needs assessment
  • Understanding your service offer
  • Ideas of wellbeing
  • SMART planning in theory and practice
  • Challenging dependency v supporting independence
  • Understanding and working with outcomes
  • Understanding and supporting change (particularly behaviour change)
  • Exploring changes to benefits and social housing in context of support planning

Learning outcomes

After attending this course delegates will be able to:
  • Understand the process of needs assessment and ideas of wellbeing
  • Understand the process of SMART support planning and put the theory into practice
  • Be clear and confident about your support service offer
  • Be more open to formal and informal partnerships
  • Recognise the risk of dependency and work towards client independence more effectively
  • Understand how we deal with change
  • Be more creative about supporting clients through necessary change in context of current changes to benefits and social housing

Suitable for

All types of 'housing related' and other support services working one to one with clients. It is highly recommended to those who wish to improve their support planning to make it more outcome-focused, dynamic and realistic. The course is suitable for new or transferring staff and for those needing a refresher who wish to challenge their current practice.

CPD hours 0