Digital Housing Advice and Support: a way forward: GOOD PRACTICE WORKSHOP

Based on Shelter's 2015 channel shift research 'Down the line: the future role of digital housing advice and support', this workshop session provides delegates with an opportunity to explore ways to improve access to housing advice, discover what other authorities and advice agencies are doing, what works well and what people who are experiencing housing issues expect.
With an increasing demand for advice and support it is necessary to explore the ways in which the sector can provide the right advice at the right time to those in housing need. It is fundamental to understand whether digital and online options can provide a way forward.

Workshop contains:

  • Identifying your housing advice demand
  • Reviewing advice ‘access’ arrangements
  • Identifying barriers to successful advice and support
  • How to understand channel preference
  • Identify the need type: Information, advice and homelessness support
  • Drivers of telephone and face to face support
  • The role of digital housing advice & support
  • Multi-channel support strategy
  • Risks of digital solutions.
  • Suitable for

    Housing Operations Managers and other key personnel at local authorities who are reviewing their service delivery and looking for a better approach to provide access to advice and support.

    Meet the trainer for

    Harinder Birring is responsible for developing and managing Shelter's services for housing professionals. She has an extensive legal background and over 10 years experience in the housing sector with a successful record of work in front line advice and support services. Harinder has played a lead role on projects for a range of Shelter services providing expertise on delivery, performance management, and service improvement. In the last 5 years she has delivered consultancy support to voluntary agencies and to housing options and homelessness services within local authorities, designing tools, frameworks and business improvement models with a focus on customer services and quality assurance.

    Harinder's specialism include service and product development (consultancy, training, conferences and seminars) customer care, service improvement, performance management; quality assurance, managing strategic relationships and partnerships; housing/homeless strategy; project management; public sector housing/homelessness services; equality and diversity; staff management; devising procedures and protocols.

CPD hours 5