Homelessness: Multiple Needs and the Law

This course will increase delegates' knowledge of the rights and entitlements of homeless people with multiple needs to assistance and support under community care legislation and homelessness legislation. Participants will increase their confidence in their advocacy skills and awareness of the importance of casework informing strategic planning.

Course contains

  • An introduction to current understanding of dual diagnosis
  • An outline of community care legislation and its relevance to groups with particular needs
  • Services for those with mental and physical health problems, and substance dependency problems
  • Problems in accessing services for those with dual diagnosis
  • Advocacy and challenging decisions
  • Developing support packages in tandem with homelessness applications
  • The assessment of vulnerability under the homelessness legislation.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand current theories on the inter-relationship of mental health problems and substance use
  • Recognise and trigger key legislative provisions that provide the framework for service delivery and be familiar with current guidance
  • Appreciate the increasing relevance of the Equality Act in the process of preventing and relieving homelessness and service delivery
  • Understand the importance of integrated and timely service provision.
  • Suitable for

    Anyone working with homeless people with multiple needs in day centres, hostels, resettlement/outreach projects and advice centres.

CPD hours 5