Universal Credit and Financial Capability

Universal Credit introduces a major change in the way that some welfare benefits will be delivered to claimants which presents challenges for both landlords and residents. This course considers the mechanisms of Universal Credit and how it may impact on landlords and residents and will focus on the growing importance of Financial Capability.

Course contains

  • Universal Credit including:
    - Who can claim, Claimant Commitment, Work Allowances, Alternative Payment Arrangements, Assessment Periods, Sanctions and Conditionality.
  • Financial Capability including:
    - Managing Money-setting and keeping to a budget
    - Dealing with creditors
    - The meaning and consequences of priority and non-priority debt
    - Ensuring financial inclusion
    - Debt denial
    - Combating fuel poverty
    - Preparing and understanding a financial statement
    - Responsibilities of being a tenant
    - Finding ways to make money go further - being a smart consumer
    - How to obtain a credit file and improve a credit score
    - Sources of grants, advice and assistance
    - Changes affecting Enforcement Agency actions
    - How to use the Financial Ombudsman Service
    - Insolvency including Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders and IVA's.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Have an overall understanding of the mechanisms of Universal Credit
  • Understand the importance of budgeting, managing money and how to deal with debt
  • Become more financially aware and apply the learning to assist residents
  • Understand how important it is that residents should attain financial capability and become more independent and financially confident.

Suitable for

Housing Officers, Income Officers, Resident and Community Support Officers, Tenant Representatives Professionals in Social Services involved in care and support, anyone supporting residents to maintain their tenancies.

Meet the trainer

Stuart Freeman has trained for Shelter since 2010. Stuart has over 30 years experience in delivering Housing , Debt and Welfare Benefits Advice including representation and conciliation. He gained a Masters Degree in Housing and Social Policy at the London School of Economics, a Diploma in Housing and is a Chartered Institute of Housing Member and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health.

He is a Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner in respect of housing, debt and welfare benefit matters and specialises in appeals in respect of welfare and housing benefit decisions. He trains staff of Housing Organisations and Community Groups and also Residents and has designed and delivered Financial Capability Courses and Resident Ambassador Courses

CPD hours 0