Negotiation Skills for Debt Collection

Examines the most common ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approaches to negotiation, their advantages and disadvantages before focusing on the ‘third approach’. This approach takes into account the ‘slippery slope to debt’ and aims to reach the best possible solution for both parties based on each of their needs and objective criteria. Participants will also come away equipped with strategies for being more persuasive, using the Principles of Influence as well as strategies for overcoming the most common objections.

Group training (5-18 staff): Commercial rate £955; Standard / Concessionary £890 + plus trainer’s expenses + VAT

Course contains

  • The psychology of influencing people
  • Separating the person from the problem, to find common ground
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls of negotiating, such as bargaining and getting locked into positions
  • Using language to influence the mood of the negotiation process
  • Using setting and timing to positively influence the mood of the process
  • Spotting some common underhand tactics that negotiators might use, and how to assertively overcome them.
  • Note
    This course does not cover legalities and legislation around debt.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Follow the five stages of the negotiation process
  • Use your understanding of the reasons why people get into rent arrears and debt, to conduct more effective negotiations
  • Use the six principles of the Psychology of Influence to achieve a successful negotiation
  • Deal with difficult situations, specifically objections and anger
  • Reach workable solutions for dealing with rent arrears using objective criteria
  • Successfully begin and end a negotiation, and record it.

Suitable for

Housing officers dealing with income and arrears, housing support workers, and new advisers expected to advise clients who have debt problems.

Meet the trainer

For the last two decades, Tracy Maylath has been a trainer and facilitiator, joining Shelter in 2002. During this time she has delivered an extensive variety of courses to clients ranging from homeless people and vulnerable adults to managers and directors of private sector firms. Building on this diverse pedigree, Tracy has also written and developed programmes in management skills and personal development for both the public and private sector. With her grounding of knowledge in learning theory, Tracy utilises an array of innovative methods and state of the art techniques. She engages clients with her lighthearted approach, passion, in-depth knowledge and vast experience of her topics.
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