Introduction to Housing & Homelessness

This course explores the causes of homelessness and looks at housing options available. Delegates look at the main duties owed to homeless people by local authorities.

Group training (5-18 staff): Commercial rate £955; Standard / Concessionary £890 + plus trainer’s expenses + VAT

Course contains

  • The framework for understanding housing law - common law, the introduction of statutory law and the implications of case law
  • A basic introduction to tenure - the licence/tenancy distinction
  • History of Rent Act and Housing Act legislation within the context of the Protection from Eviction Act and the historical swing from regulation to de-regulation
  • The variations in security of tenure implicit in the various forms of tenure. Grounds for possession. The future?
  • Homelessness legislation - private members bill 1977
  • Generally weakened over time by political changes
  • As homelessness has increased over the years, politicians have increasingly restricted access to social housing and reduced security rather than increasing supply. Reduced capital expenditure has significantly increased revenue expenditure.
  • The homelessness legislation in outline. The five hoops, who historically received assistance and who did not.
  • The changes introduced by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. Increased obligation to try and prevent and relieve homelessness towards all homeless people. But, the tensions between market rents and benefit levels and the mismatch between supply and demand create irresolvable issues for many in housing need.

Suitable for

People who work for a housing organisation but have limited contact with housing work eg receptionists, administrators, or fundraisers. This course is ideal as part of an induction process.

Please note: This course does not cover homelessness law in detail. Staff who need to give housing advice should attend Homelessness Law: Introductory.
CPD hours 0