Do you have a query about a specific item?

Do you have a query about a specific item?

Emergency Chocolate bars

Please check the listing of our chocolate where it gives all the relevant information you may need.


Do your crackers contain plastic?

Our crackers contain no plastic and can be fully recycled

*Please note: All other information can be found on the individual listings.

Christmas Cards 

Please check the listing information for each card as the specification may differ.

What is the quality of the cards like?

Our cards are all high quality, printed on thick card. Check out our card reviews on Trustpilot here

If you have any other questions relating to our new goods for sale such as our virtual gifts or any of the above, then please get in touch with us via


Second hand items/Reselling goods

What if I have a questions about a second hand item for sale?

If the item listing doesn’t include some information you require then please email us, we will be happy to help.


Why has my item not arrived yet?

If estimated delivery dates have passed or you’ve been waiting for longer than you expected, Please email us at We can have a look into this for you

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