Shelter X Mawuena Kattah T-Shirt

Mawuena Kattah's practice draws upon an extensive personal archive of family photographs taken in Ghana over the past two decades and more recent studio photographs of families taken in London. She brings people and patterns together in complex, vibrant compositions. Through immersive installations that place textiles, painting and ceramics together to create semi-domestic spaces within the gallery or museum, Kattah invites her audiences to share in her multi-layered experience of collectivity and kinship. Now you can feel connected and at home with her brand-new design on one of our award-winning organic tees.

Shelter X Mawuena Kattah T-Shirt

To purchase this T-Shirt for £20 - please follow this link - you will be taken to Teemill a third party platform. 

We asked four leading artists and designers to create a response to our core belief that ‘Home is Everything’. Their designs form our new collection of t shirts.

Browse their designs below:

Each design reflects on what home means to each designer, and why at Shelter we believe home is a fundamental need and a basic moral right.

By purchasing a Shelter T-shirt, you’ll be joining a movement that’s fighting for a fairer housing system for the millions of people negatively impacted by the housing emergency. Thank you.

The store is owned and operated by Teemill. For every £25 white t-shirt sold, we will give £7.50 (incl. VAT) to Shelter Trading Limited. For every colour t-shirt sold, we will give £5.50 (incl. VAT) to Shelter Trading Limited. If the Parties agree to alter the products (or their pricing we will give Shelter Trading Limited a minimum of £2.50 for a white unisex t-shirt, £0.50 for a colour unisex t-shirt. Shelter Trading Limited passes all of its profits to Shelter, The National Campaign for Homeless People Limited (registered charity number: 263710).