Preparing for an Appeal Tribunal

This course examines the process of preparing a client for a first-tier Tribunal and provides a thorough grounding in how to construct an effective written submission when working on a PIP or ESA case.

Group training (5-18 staff): Commercial rate £955; Standard / Concessionary £890 + plus trainer’s expenses + VAT

Course contains

  • The decision making and appeals system
  • Assessing the case
  • The initial interview
  • The DWP submission
  • The medical report
  • Checking the PIP2/ESA50
  • Obtaining further evidence
  • Writing the submission
  • Using case law
  • Example written submission
  • The hearing
  • Appealing to the Upper Tribunal

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, you will:

  • Understand the legal framework that underpins the decision making and appeals system;
  • Understand the Tribunal Procedure Rules;
  • Be able to assess a DWP submission;
  • Know when and how to get further evidence;
  • Be able to find relevant legislation and case law in support of an appeal;
  • Have explored tactics including negotiating with the DWP before the appeal hearing;
  • Be able to construct the best written submission to the Tribunal;
  • Be able to describe what people should expect to happen on the day of the appeal hearing including who will be present and their roles;
  • Understand what happens after the appeal hearing and when there may be grounds to appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

Suitable for

This course is relevant for anyone who may need to help prepare a client for a health/disability related benefits appeal. The training assumes a working knowledge of the Work Capability Assessment and Personal Independence Payment.

CPD hours 5