Equality and Diversity

A group training course which enables staff to understand the issues of diversity, how their actions can help improve end service user focus and make their organisation an inclusive environment to work in.

Group training (5-18 staff): Commercial rate £955; Standard / Concessionary £890 + plus trainer’s expenses + VAT

The main purpose of this course is to build key knowledge, skills and approaches that can help develop an organisation where equality and promoting diversity is a core value in all that it does.

Course contains

  • Championing the right of everyone to respect and dignity at work
  • Defining harassment and bullying and strategies to eliminate unfair behaviour
  • Developing a greater understanding of Equality and Diversity
  • How to identify, build, and develop best practice that it is meaningful and worthwhile
  • Listing the benefits of Equality and Diversity to the worker, team and organisation
  • How to stop the process of stereotyping becoming a prejudice.

Suitable for

This is an essential training course for all staff in any organisation.

CPD hours 0