Donating items


How do we sell our donated items? 

Here at Shelter we currently have 85 charity shops across the UK, we also have our online store and our Shelter shops Ebay account too! Our hardworking volunteers and shop staff list items online to sell as well as working in the shops selling items to the general public. When an item sells online the relevant shop are notified of the sale so they can despatch it in a timely manner.  

How do we set our prices for second hand items? 

We feel really lucky at Shelter to receive excellent quality donations from our supporters. These items are donated to our charity shops as well as posted in via our Sort & Send service.  

Each of our individual charity shops create listings for items and have the empowerment to price it accordingly. They use their own retail knowledge and judgement to decide on the listing price. Furthermore we like to thank our supporters for all item donations by ensuring we get the best possible price for them.  

Why do you sometimes ask for designer item donations when you’re a charity? 

We ask for any second hand items in excellent condition, and on occasion we also ask for designer items & jewellery. We know the sales of these items will help fund our vital work during the housing emergency. This helps us fundraise as much as possible and allows us to help more people who turn to Shelter for assistance. Rest assured we are incredibly grateful for all donations.  


Where do I find further information about sort & send?

If you’d like to send any unwanted items through the post for free, then please check out further information about our Sort & Send service here 


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