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Send a Shelter or Shelter Scotland eCard and donate the cost of cards and stamps to charity

A fun and sustainable alternative to physical cards, we've got eCards for every occasion - including Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays and Easter. Perfect for family, friends or even colleagues.

Red background with an array of ecard designs overlaid. Designs include festive images and greetings.
Send an ecard Donate the cost of stamps
  • Icon showing a open greetings card displaying a present

    Step 1

    Visit our eCard website and choose the perfect design

    Send an eCard 
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    Step 2

    Write your message and add a donation (£1 minimum)

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    Step 3

    Add the recipient’s details and customise your eCard. You can even add your own images!

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    Step 4

    Schedule and send; choose when your eCard gets delivered

GIF showing an animated snowglobe shaking with text that reads 'Season's Greetings'
GIF showing a gingerbread house with a gentle animation of snowfall. Text reads 'Merry Christmas'
Gif showing animation of a turtle with a christmas hat popping his head out of his shell. Text reads Merry Christmas